Tool Lending Library

Close-up image of a person using a hand-held circular saw to make an angled cut on a 2x6 board.

Interested in borrowing a tool?

Need a tool for your next DIY project? We have over 400 tools available, ranging from saws, drills, and mowers, to paint sprayers and ladders. Membership allows you to check out any of the tools we have in stock, so apply today!

The membership fee is $195 per year (less than the cost to rent a single tool at some big box stores). Discounted memberships are $25 based on assessed home value, as reported by the county assessor, and household income.

Become A Member!

The Tool Lending Library is located at our E. Euclid ReStore, located at 2200 E Euclid Ave, Des Moines.

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